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Hey... Welcome to the first site devoted to Anthony Rapp and Luther Creek!

LAST UPDATED--December 27th, 1997 OK, well I guess it's only fair to tell y'all that there probably won't be any updates on the this site. Last year RENT and Anthony and Luther were really important to us, I guess we needed something to think about and connect with, but now Betsy and I have moved past our obsession. We will continue to love all these things, but it's time to move on with our lives. Don't feel bad, RENT has not come to an end. Scary, obsessive teeny-bopper fans have, that's all. :-)

Note-> If you want to find out what's new w/ Lily, she has her own site. The link is somewhere on this index page, so check it out.

Our Original Website Stuff

Lily's World: Her New (and normal... well, kinda) Site
Encyclopedia of Anthony Rapp Movies!: by Betsy and Lily
Things to Do When You Can't Get Enough RENT: by Betsy and Lily
Anthony's "Advocate" Article: We really respect Anthony and this is a wonderful article
The 55 Reasons We Love Luther Creek (and then some): started by BCL and Annie, we're gonna try to add to it!
The Quote of the Week: Humorous or uplifting quotes collected by Lily and Betsy
Links: Our favorite links for both RENT and non-RENT related sites
About Us: Proof That We Do Have Lives
The "Anthorena": The dance craze sweeping the nation
The Twelve Days of Christmas: RENT style!
55 Reasons to Love Anthony Rapp: We figured Anthony deserved one too
The Runaway Luther: Finding Luther in Cyberland

Lily and Betsy